The teams should arrive to Poland on September 29th. The main airports in Poland are Chopin Airport in Warsaw and Kraków – Balice Airport. There will be special buses that will take teams to Horyniec. The distance from Warsaw to Horyniec is 342 km and from Krakow 277 km. Each team should come to one of these airports. Representatives of the teams are required to inform the organizer of the exact time of arrival by September 1st. When the organizers get information from all teams, they will create a schedule of departures from the airport and inform each of the teams.

The transfer for players will be free if the federation will provide the information to organizers not later than September 1st. On another way, the price will be the same as for accompaniying people: the cost for one way – 30 EUR, both way – 60 EUR.

In case of questions, please contact: