Horyniec-Zdrój is located in south-eastern Poland. It is a health resort with significant recreational and recreational values. The main monuments include the Poniński Palace from the 17th century and the Dworski Theater, which currently houses the Communal Cultural Center and a tourist information center. Horyniec-Zdrój and its surroundings are part of the former Eastern Borderlands. Remains of the borderland culture include wonderful wooden and stone Greek Catholic churches. The large number of tourists made Horyniec a developed village with numerous shops and restaurants. There is also a swimming pool, tennis courts and sports fields. It is away from big cities, you can rest here from the city life.



Important addresses and phone numbers;

Ø  Horyniec-Zdrój, Al.Przyjaźni 4

Ø  Horyniec-Zdrój, Al.Przyjaźni 9A